Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Desert (The Diary of Beirut Under Siege, 1982) - Extracts

Adonis aka Ali Ahmar Said Asbar was born in 1930 in Syria. After 6 months in jail for his political leanings he moved to Beirut in 1956. He now lives in Paris. Extracts from 'The Desert' are below. 


لم نعد نتلاقى 
لم يعد بيننا غير نبذٍ نفيٍ
  ,و المواعيد ماتت، و مات الفضاء 
.وحدة الموت صار اللقاء


We no longer meet, 
Rejection and exile keep us apart.
The promises are dead, space is dead,
Death alone has become our meeting point. 


,أغلق الباب، لا ليقيِّد أفراحه  
. ليحرِّر أحزانه   ...

He shuts the door
Not to trap his joy,
...but to free his grief

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