Sunday, 3 April 2011

An Interlude

I Lost My Way

I lost my way
saw you in a dream
and held you -

Roots unfurled
and fell
into place

The salve you brought
to stroke my wounds
seeped through

An open door
So come and go, as you please
But at nightfall -

Return to me,

         Release me,

                   Leave me.


  1. Hi,

    Do you happen to have this poem, "I Lost My Way" in Arabic? If so, can you please post it? Or was it written originally in English. It's beautiful.


  2. Hi Farah,

    Thanks very much for your comment. I wrote it myself (in English) actually so I'm very flattered and glad you like it!
    My Arabic's not yet good enough to translate it well, unfortunately.
    Are you a native or near-native Arabic speaker? If so, please have a go at translating it, I'd love to see it in Arabic...
    Best wishes

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  4. Here is the translation of this poem
    I'd like to shre it with you
    أضعت طريقي
    رأيتك في المنام
    الجذور ارتفعت
    وسقطت على الأرض
    والمرهم الذي أحضرته
    لتداوي جروحي
    تسرب عبر
    باب مفتوح
    ولذلك تعال واذهب
    كما يحلو لك
    ولكن عند حلول المساء
    عد إلي
    وأطلق سراحي

  5. Wow thank you! I just saw this now.
    I am so honoured that you took the time to translate it...